Wednesday, February 23, 2011

K is for kicking, kites and kittens!

Ready to take a hike in the winter!

Muddy boots in the mud.
Today it was alternating between snowing and raining.  But we ignored the weather and began with building with blocks for one group or with spools for the other.  The kids are taking directions better each time we try the process of building something together.  It is also a practice in sharing as the children end up asking each other for different sizes and colors of manipulatives.  Each child has a real sense of accomplishment when we all make the same structure.  They also had time to build on their own.

Teacher Jen and I decided to go on long hikes today in order to keep everyone warm.  The blue group hiked all the way over to the next park-Juel Park.  This is a long way for preschoolers!  They even wanted to hike further but it was already time for lunch.  The yellow group stopped to play at the big log and fishing hole, had a vote on a trail split (the vote was 3-4 to go the "shortest" trail) and then ended up having snack on a new log off the trail under a big tree.  We barely got wet on our hike in spite of the snow and rain because of the dense forest.  By the time we popped out of the woods and had a few swings on the tire swing, the sun was shining!  The blue group caught up with us and we were all glad to see each other.

We ran most of the way back to the picnic tables to have a quick lunch before the parents and sitters showed up.  No worries about us getting cold!  We were toasty warm from our hikes and exploration.

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