Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mini-rex , water striders and jumping spiders-Oh My!

We had our own mini-Wild Kingdom show today when we watched as a ladybug flew straight into a web and the spider scurried down the web strand and wrapped it up for lunch like a big burrito.  We had been trying to catch the ladybug so we could all look at it but it was destined to make a tasty lunch for a spider.
The third day of The Outdoor Preschool went very smoothly as everyone begins to get used to our routine.  Kids were having fun with stamps and sorting animals, while others played Frisbee with Lochlan's dad (thanks!) or took turns in the wagon. 

We enjoyed having Teacher Kate with us today as Teacher Roo's kids are both home with a nasty flu.  Teacher Kate works part time in the indoor preschool at Farrel-McWhirter and also as a worker on the farm-so she was a wonderful person to have at TOP!  Thanks Teacher Kate!  It was fun to have you with us today!  I'm sure we will see more of Teacher Kate as the year progresses.
We sang some favorite songs for Teacher Kate:  "Way up high in the old apple tree" (technically a poem...) and along the trail we sang "Itsy Bitsy Spider" as we hiked.  We also got to meet the new baby bunny at the farm.  She is a mini rex rabbit  and is one of the softest creatures on the planet!  She is only 8 weeks old.  It will be fun to watch her grow up this year.    Along our hike we found some spiders spinning their webs while we zipped along toward the overflowing stream.

One of TOP's favorite places to play is where the stream jumps it's stream bed and follows the path instead.  There we can wade and jump in the water and squish the mud.  We were grateful for a warm day as well. Everyone got a cup and spoon and many kids were making "chocolate water" or other imaginative concoctions.  We caught and observed some water striders who were busy in the water.  During lunch we put a jumping spider in the bug box so that everyone could watch it!

Thanks for sending your children prepared for the weather.  Unless it stays this warm-please send your child in their waterproof pants next week.  But make sure to put a short sleeved shirt under all of the top layers so we can take those warm layers off if we need to.

And Thanks for sending your children to TOP!  It is so fun to be with them and teach them about the wilds of the Northwest!

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