Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cat tails, rabbit ears and tic tac toe!

We began the day comparing cats to rabbits.  How are they the same?  How are they different?  Many kids mentioned that their tails were different; that they both have 4 legs; they are both soft.  Then we petted first Santa Fe, the farm cat and then the baby bunny (name may end up being "Oreo".  The name is still under discussion.)  We went into Herbert, the Giant  Flemish  Rabbit's pen.  We all agreed that both of the bunnies were sweet and soft. We got a close up look at their ears and tails in order to compare them with the cat.  We noticed that rabbits hopped and cats don't, except someone said that cats can jump really high. Hmmm


On our hike today we ended up in the "Secret Place."  Soon we were noticing the many sticks that were there.  A suggestion was made to make a structure.  All of the children got involved, finding sticks, putting them in a pattern (someone said it looked like tic tac toe!)  They worked together as a team and were very happy with the results.  

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