Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Trees down, millipedes and grubs!

You probably know by now that we operate on a seasonal, weather, per day kind of outdoor experience.  It’s just because we have to!  Each day in the northwest brings such a variety of weather and the animals, bugs and phenomena that goes with it.

Yesterday we had an impressive storm blow through so I was wondering if there would be a big tree down in the parking lot-something that happens quite frequently in the northwest with all of our huge trees. 
I pulled in and the parking lot was ok!  A little messy with branches and twigs but ok nonetheless.  The day started out chilly then quickly turned into a fine spring day. 
We welcomed our new teacher in training - Teacher Roo -and her 5 year old Theo.  Theo and Roo will be joining TOP till the end of the school year.  We are excited to welcome Roo to the TOP team and Theo to it's crew.
During circle time the kids were able to tell Teacher Roo and Theo all about how we stay safe in the woods and how we act around the animals.  Then we got to sing some of our favorite songs to her.  Everyone was in fine voice today!

As we separated out into color groups the yellow group was astonished to find a downed tree that looked like it had exploded during the windstorm.  We think it was a Big Leaf Maple tree.  We spent some time examining the bark and wood inside.  It was really smooth!

The yellow group found 3 millipedes and a mealworm.  We put them into a bug box and took turns looking at them while we sang the sharing song.  "Take a look and pass it on."  Everyone was very good at looking and then sharing with their neighbor.  Then they got to take turns carrying the bug box.

Pretty soon we ran into the blue group and showed them the bugs and then they found Santa the Gnome!  How exciting to have someone else in the forest hide him!  We will hide him on Thursday.

We are looking forward to the last day of preschool which will be a big shindig!  We are having a potluck cookout at Logan's house which is walking distance to Farrel-McWhiter Park.  So make sure you put the time on your calendar.  We will begin the day at 10am, Thursday June 6th. You parents/grandparents/aunts and uncles can join us for a hike, a tractor ride and then a potluck.  Details to come! 

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