Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tall Grass and tadpoles

The grass is high in the park.  Running through the tall grass has always been a fun thing for the TOP kids to do in the spring.  I anticipate us spending a lot of time hiding in the grass.  It is fun to find the mud underneath the green and squish through it-the ground is uneven and hard to walk on-another challenge for us.

Each time we find a new place to climb new challenges are presented.  Do friends need to help friends up or show them how to climb?  How do we safely get down?  As teachers we spend more time showing a child where to put their feet then we do giving them a boost.  They stay safe with our hands nearby-but they do it on their own.

The kids have continued to have fun hiding "Santa the Gnome."  He is out there somewhere.  Maybe we'll find him tomorrow?
The new cow and calf are adapting to the farm and we keep checking in with them and the other new "baby" animals. 

We hiked out to see if there were any tadpoles in the pond next to Juel Park.  We told the kids to stay out of the water this time while we searched for frogs and tadpoles-and so we didn't step on them.  There were two tadpoles spotted but they darted away.  We'll see if we get another chance this spring to see if they have turned into frogs.


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