Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mud! Glorious Mud!

Where else can you get all muddy but TOP? The kids were very inspired to get muddy! It began slowly with stomping in the mud and poking into the mole holes. Then the shovels and buckets came out and pretty soon it was just hands and good dirty fun!

Kids working together.
Kids worked together to get the holes dug and you can see that there was no worry about sitting in the mud with their water proof/mud proof clothes on!

Boys concentrate on a job.
Here Boys worked together to fill a mud hole. Watch their concentration as they pour mud from one shovel to the other!

Studies show that Playing in dirt is good for children's immune system.

We had so much fun playing in the mud that we missed snack and after clean up we just sat down in the SUN for an early lunch. That still left time for a hike afterwards. Heading out into the woods the yellow group played in the holes around a downed tree-the game was: baby beavers, baby chipmunks or puppies/wolves-depending upon who was playing!

The blue group went to a favorite climbing area since the sun was cooperating.

News: If you plan on joining TOP for next fall-it is time to sign up for the Sept-Dec session. You can call Redmond Parks and Rec 425-556-2300 or sign up on line. Don't wait too long! We expect to fill up quickly!
Thanks for a fabulous group of dirty kids! You may want to bring a plastic bag to keep in your car for their muddy clothes. It is going to continue to be a very muddy season!

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