Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hand me down my old walking stick...

Our gathering, lunch and craft area-behind the pony barn.

Everyone washing up before lunch-they help each other.
Today we had 2 new children.. The brothers have just moved here from Minnesota and joined The Outdoor Preschool. They fit in easily and were welcomed by our kids to the group. I was especially impressed with Max who went up and introduced himself. Go Max!

Last week we picked up walking sticks on our hike so today the teachers drilled holes in the tops for leather straps and then the kids got to decorate them. Again we went over the proper usage of sticks and not a one child was banged in the head with an errant stick. The kids really have learned how to play with or use a stick safely.

At circle time everyone introduced themselves to Tyler and Isaac and then we went over the safety rules of TOP. The kids carefully explained how to stay safe in the woods; Don't go out of the teacher's sight, run ahead only if you ask first, don't swing sticks, call out loudly if you are lost. Then we got to begin to teach the new boys our TOP song.

If you don't remember the words -here is a refresher!

Welcome to the TOP!
Where adventure never stops.
We'll hike and run in the rain and sun and sometimes we just hop.
With our outdoor voices, we'd like to say hello---HELLO!
In the rain and run we'll have some fun.
We're always on the go.
See if you can find me, in the forest farm or stream.
Hilltop, Treetop, Even me TOP.
T-O-P that's me!
Top of the morning to you!

When we split up the blue group went off and hiked to a favorite tree stump near the river. The kids took turns sitting in the "drivers seat" and driving to all sorts of places. After reading the story "Bear Feels Scared" we contined on our hike. We found another fun play spot and stopped to play and climb on some fallen trees.

The yellow group began by a tour around the barnyard. We were glad to see Sunny the Sow up standing up and we got the turkey to gobble at us! Then we hiked to the education area in the woods and had snack on the benches there. The story today was The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle. A classic about how a plant's seed can be moved by the wind.

Some people were really enjoying walking with their walking sticks. Some got tired of carrying them and in Teacher Jen's group she became a sherpa for sticks.

Teacher Jen as sherpa.

Max experimenting with balancing on a mossy rock.

Nina on her "teeter-totter" log.
The yellow group ended up throwing rocks in the stream, jumping onto a big rock or finding a teeter-totter log. All in all a great day at FM Park and Farm for the TOP kids.

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