Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Itsy Bitsy Spiders!

Blue Group  playing in our secret place!

Boys sharing looking at the beetle in the bug box.

Our theme today was spiders!  We sang "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Theres a spider on the floor" songs and everyone joined in with the hand movements and singing when they could.  We spoke about what a spider does and why they are good for our world.  You can ask your child what spider's eat and what shape of spider webs we saw.  (mostly "Orb" spider webs-round) 

This was the first day we split into color groups for the whole hike.  The yellow group went on a long hike today.  (your child may come home quite tired out!)  The teachers had spray bottles with water to spray on webs to make them pop out of the background.  The children were quite good at finding hidden spider webs on trees and in the bushes.  Some used magnifying glasses to look more closely at the natural world.  Along the way we found a beetle and a slug, which took turns in the bug box.  Both were released without harming them. 

The blue group was very investigative today.  Stopping everywhere to play and explore the woods.  When they arrived back at the picnic table for lunch they had a worm in tow.

Lastly, the kids made their own  spiderwebs using marble art.  Ask them how they did it!

It was a little cooler and a little wetter in the woods today. Thank you for sending everyone in waterproof pants.  We have noticed some kids are not wearing Bog boots.  There were many kids with wet feet at the end of our hike after much stomping in the new puddles.  Today was ok becuase it wasn't too cold-but soon it will be very uncomfortable to end up with wet socks.  Please help keep everyone comfortable by sending your children with appropriate clotheing for the woods and rain/wet.  It will make everyone happier!

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