Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fun in the Rain!

Today was the darkest day we have had so far.  We were very pleased to see everyone arriving dressed for the weather.  Teacher Jen was out today with her sick child so a big "thank you" to Max's mom, Beth, for coming in to help chaperone.

We began the day playing with foam blocks.  After building by themselves for awhile, the children followed the teacher in building the same form she did.  This ability to build the same shape begins to give children a name for their building shapes.  We used words like "column, rectangle, cube, square" to help the kids find the next block.  The children enjoyed the challenge of following directions and working together.

Our first exploration of the day was visiting the animals.  We observed the goats, Bitsy the Micro pig, Sunny the big sow and Peter the rabbit.  The chickens and Daisy the cow.  The children are learning to be quiet and respectful of the animals, not to climb the fences around their pens and to pet softly.

We then hiked to our favorite spot and had snack. Our book today was a book about spiders.  Everyone was very interested in the information in the book.  Did you know that spiders have 8 eyes, 8 legs and that they poison their prey?

After snack the kids climbed the trees, played on the branches, walked in the water and explored for a long time.  When it was time to hike back we had a quick circle time singing the spider songs that we learned on Tuesday.  There was a lot of participation in the singing and hand motions.

On our way back we played troll at the bridge and had one last climb on the elephant tree.  Lunch was in the overhang. 

Most of the year we are in the overhang for both start of the day, lunch and the end.  But we will be in the woods the rest of the time!  See you next week!

TOP information:
Our birthday policy is that the parents can bring in a snack that will be given to the children after lunch.  It should be a snack that everyone can eat regardless of allergies.  Usually a gummy snack is safest.  The birthday child can bring in a book to share that the teacher will read to the group.  Oh-and we'll all sing happy birthday too!

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