Friday, March 14, 2014

The Littlest Explorers!

Scrambling off trail.
The kids this week were so adventurous and ready to explore everywhere in the park.  Here we are after scrambling under and over branches and bushes to find this new spot for snack.  As I stumbled through the bush trying to keep up the kids kept saying "can we have snack here Teacher Ann?"  and  Flora said to  "This is so fun!"  They carefully balanced on this log to eat their snack and hear a story about Curious George and There was an old lady who swallowed a fly.

Exploring the new swampy area.
 There is a new swampy area at FM Park that we had lots of fun exploring this week.  There was good deep mud to squish in and get stuck in.  It is an area we haven't explored this year (isn't it great that we still have new areas to find!) plus since there has been so much rain the grass has turned to new streams and squashy-ness.
Getting through the mud by climbing on the log.

 And I can't end this blog without mentioning the physics lesson we worked on while swinging.  Conrad asked why the tire swing didn't stay as high as when I first pushed the swing.  We had a lively discussion about what that might be. We did an experiment-Conrad thought if I pushed the swing more than the usual 10 times-we might get the swing to stay high.  So I pushed 15 times and the swing again gradually slowed down.  Conrad thought and thought and then decided the tire "gets too heavy."  We didn't get into gravity-but that was pretty close!
A lesson in gravity.
If you plan on coming back to TOP in the fall of 2014-Sign up for fall is March 18th. There is no preferential registration for current TOP families.  The registration turns on at midnight (March 17th).  It may behoove you to sign up then-or at least first thing in the morning of March 18th.  We have a number of new families who are ready to join us in the fall!

There have been requests for the Water Cycle Song.
Here are the words and the link:

Clouds fill up and the rain falls down
Water fallin down to the ground
Big drops small drops all around
This we call precipitation

When the water hits the ground and runs off to the sea
Fill the water way past your knees
Sunshine comes and heats it up
And this we call evaporation

It is a perfect cycle
And it happens every single day and
its called the water cycle

When the mist rises up from the sea
It goes against the force of gravity
Lots of drops and Great big clouds
And this we call condensation

When the Clouds get heavy with all those drops
The cloud will fill till it pops
Clouds burst open and the rain falls down
This we call precipitation

It is a perfect cycle
And it happens every single day and
its called the water cycle

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