Thursday, November 7, 2013

Follow the signs to the pumpkin

It was the blue groups turn to lead the yellow group to their pumpkin.  The kids were very excited to lead the way.  The yellow group gave them a head start by taking time to visit Herbert the Giant Flemish Rabbit.  We had fun petting him and watching him hide under his house. 
Then we started looking for clues to follow the other group.  There were giant arrows made by sticks and sometimes drawn into the dirt. Each time we found a clue there were squeals of excitement!

When we got to the group they were having snack under the tree next to their pumpkin who was being eaten by a slug.  Then we all played in the stream that overflows the bank. 

Some of the kids wanted to kick up the water.  It only took one suggestion that they kick away from their friends and pretty soon there were 5 kids standing next to each other and kicking away into the weeds.  There was lots of fun splashing with no fear of getting kicked.  The amount of fun these kids can have in the water is amazing!

FYI Parents!  As the weather gets wetter and colder I have a few suggestions that can help us as teachers and perhaps you as parents.

1. Please label all of your child's clothing - including their mittens, gloves, hats, backpacks, lunchboxes.  It can be hard to tell one child's items from another.  Thanks!
2. Please send extra gloves with your child as they tend to put their hands-gloves and all-right into the water and then they are cold again! Mittens can be easier to get on then gloves if their hands are wet.
3.  You may want to invest in handwarmers.  You can buy them in bulk at Costco.  We suggest opening them in the car so they are warm by the time your kids begin to get cold.  It takes about 15 minutes before they warm up.
4. It is time to put wool socks on their feet.  Many layers under jackets.  I personally wear 2 layers under my waterproof pants and I had on 3 layers under my jacket today (and I still got a little cold.  I'll wear more next week.)
5. It is very tiring to get cold.  I suggest a warm bath when they get home and some quiet time.  Not every child needs it-but your child may!  For instance, don't expect to go shopping right after preschool. That may be too much! And don't forget the change of clothes in the car.  I'd include a towel also!

We are still having a blast even if we get wet!  We try to limit the getting super wet till the end of the day so they aren't wet the entire class.

See you next week! 

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