Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rake, Jump and Laugh!

Some of the older kids were really determined to make big piles of leaves.

It was a beautiful fall day.  A day we don't always get  in the northwest.  The leaves were dry and crunchy and just begging to be jumped in.  We took kids's rakes ( and 2 adult rakes for the teachers) and went under some huge Big Leaf Maple trees and began to rake up piles of leaves.  Everyone helped.  I mean everyone!  The 3 year olds were working alongside of the 5 years olds!  The little ones were the first to jump into the leaves and stop raking-but I was impressed that they helped at all!  I think it helps to have size appropriate tools like we do.
Everyone helped with the raking.

 Everyone was giggling as they threw the leaves up into the air and eventually us teachers were belted with huge armloads of leaves.  All in good fun.  We had so much fun that we forgot about snack and then had to send Teacher Roo back to the picnic tables to get our lunches so we could eat lunch out in the back meadow.   We ended up making 3 big piles of leaves that kids hid in, jumped in and threw!
No one got smacked by a rake-everyone was careful.
At lunch we continued with our study of salmon.  We read the story Swimmy  by Leo Leonni and a facts book about salmon.  We also talked about seasons.  Concentrating on fall and what the changes are in fall.

We will be continuing our talks about the seasons as we observe nature change around us.

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