Tuesday, June 4, 2013

chalk + water = paint!

Today was the next to last day of the school year.   A time to finish things and change it up and keep things the same. All of the above.  With our unusually warm weather it was time for water play.  The kids had buckets and scoopers of many different sizes and for some kids that just meant scooping water for a long time-into and out of containers.  This is a way of learning the science of measuring-age appropriately with no goal-just the brain acknowledging that there are different sizes and that means different volumes.
Some kids found out that chalk + water = paint and had fun "painting" the walkway.  We also hid rocks painted as ladybugs around the tree-which was a fun activity hiding them and then finding them-and then putting them into a nest that Teacher Roo brought in from her home.  There was also a "nest" of dinosaurs that cropped up!
Some of the kids just spent their time by the hose, filling up buckets and eventually throwing the water up into the air and having it land on them.  A self-made sprinkler system!
We broke for stories and snack.  Everyone had a lot to say about The Gruffalo-especially since the small mouse encounters an owl and a snake! Animals we have learned a lot about this year.  For lunch we pulled the wagon over to the other meadow and ate a picnic lunch under one of our favorite trees.  Everyone was keen on having the cupcakes that Matilda brought for her birthday.   Thanks for the fun book and treat Matilda!  

Every good thing must come to an end.  We are sad to end this wonderful year.  Thank you to all of the great parents who have been very supportive of us teachers and our somewhat unconventional approach.  We love what we do and are thankful that we get to work with your kids!

See you at the picnic on Thursday.  Don't miss the performance at 1020am!

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