Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Patience is a virtue we can all work on!

Kids working together to push and pull a heavy wagon.
Everyone was hard at work pushing the wagon filled with our lunches and nets to play with in the water.....later.  It was a bit difficult to wait to play with the nets.  One of the hardest things for preschoolers to work on is patience.  Not that it isn't hard for all of us to have patience-but waiting isn't something little children do well.

So-we work on it.  We don't mean to tease them by showing them the nets ahead of time.  Or talking about fun things we are going to do ANOTHER day-not today. 

Here is a list of fun things we talked about today that are for another day:
  • we're going to get to hold the new baby chicks when they arrive on the farm
  • Angus's mom is going to bring her juvenile chicks for us to watch on Thursday
  • the farm is getting a new cow and calf for us to observe
  • the farm has 2 new kits (baby rabbits) and we are going to hold them once they are old enough
Ok-I see why it is hard to wait for all of these cool things to happen.

Lucky for us at TOP;  In nature something is always happening.  The blue group found a banana slug on their hike.  Then another one, and another one.  I think the count was 5!  The yellow group pushed the wagon, dropped off the nets by the stream for LATER and then had snack and a book about owls.  We learned that owls and crows hate each other-while a crow walked right behind Teacher Ann.  Owls eat crows when they can and a murder of crows (the term for a flock of crows) will attack an owl if they find it. The kids mentioned that we have a lot of crows at Farrel-McWhirter Farm.  We also learned that owls can't move their eyes and we talked about how if we did see an owl at night it would probably just be the outline of the owl because it would be dark.

Lunch was eaten early in anticipation of water play with the nets and rubber duckies.  We also floated some plastic eggs.  The water was very low so some of the toys got stuck and didn't float very far and a lot of them got stuck under the bridge and had to be rescued.
Recuing toys from under the bridge.
There were some wet socks-but the teachers had orchestrated the water play for the end of the day so the kids could just go home and get changed.
We are really looking forward to doing all of the above in the future!
Getting right into the water and mud!
FYI The next 2 weeks are off for Spring break.  April 9/11/16/18.  See you Thursday!

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  1. Lovely photos again Ann, when we go visit another school that has a river, we too wait until it's almost time to go home before allowing the kids in to explore the river as we just know there will be lots of wet socks!! Kierna