Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oh Deer!

We had the opportunity to learn about some planned animals and some surprises this Tuesday. While the kids were digging and exploring the field a black tailed deer appeared near the fence.

We all sat down quietly and watched to see what the young deer would do. He or she seemed perplexed with how to jump the fence to the road-but eventually easily hopped over. We all hoped that no cars would come by on the road while it was crossing. This was a great time for circle time and everyone had something to say about deer-some were reminded of Bambi, others remembered seeing deer in the snow with grampa or one on the road near their house. We talked about how you rarely see one deer all by themselves. But we only saw the one this time.
I had planned to focus on owls - so during snack time we read two books on owls and passed around a container with an owl pellet. Then we had a discussion about where owls live, what they eat and when they come out to hunt.
On our hike we found a quiet place to sit and pretend to be baby owls. I got to be the mama owl and I flew away and came back with a pretend mouse and rabbit to feed my 10 baby owls. The kids tipped their heads back and opened their mouths wide for the food from the mama owl. Then everyone practiced spitting out an owl pellet with the bones and fur of the animals they had eaten. (in case you have a "baby owl" at your house practicing spitting out the pellet-now you know why!)

On our hike we looked for holes in the trees that an owl might nest in. We hooted and flew along the path. Everyone was game for a long hike up to the trail where the great horned owl was sighted last year. We didn't see any owls-but that is because they are nocturnal! Another good vocabulary word for the TOP kids!

On the hike back the 4 girls at The Outdoor Preschool decided that they are a "Girls Club." I am pleased to see them find each other and make friends. I look forward to watching their friendships grow.

A big Thank You to Teacher Rhonda for filling in the past 3 days. We had a lot of fun with Rhonda.

If you are interested in having your child in TOP next year-registration for fall begins on March 19th at midnight. I expect the spots to go fast.

Also-Please note that the next session begins March 19th-next week. We will have NO SCHOOL on April 9/11/16/18 for spring break.

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