Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Outdoor Preschool has had 10 great weeks of nature fun!

Going on a hike in the Northwest woods together.
The kids here are putting leaves and sticks in the stream to see how they float.

It's been 10 weeks of outdoor nature activities and the kids have learned out to be adventurous in the woods and quiet and watchful near the animals.  We've had splashing through mud puddles, digging in the dirt and "fishing" in ponds.  We've walked through the streams, scooped water up and dumped it to make mud.  We've climbed tree roots and stumps and looked at the mushrooms inside of them.  We've used a mossy log as a slide and then watched it strip down to wood and be un-slidable.  We've petted the cow and the goats and felt the wool on the sheep.  We've touched the warm egg, just laid by the chickens.  We've picked our own pumpkins from the pumpkin patch and watched the jack-o-latern mold into a squishy mess. 

But...we still have so much left to do at The Outdoor Preschool.  When you are in nature, the explorations are endless. 

We can't wait till TOP starts again on January 4th!  Have a terrific holiday and see you next year!
We only have 2 spots left for the next session.  Tell all of your friends with preschoolers that they could join us at TOP!


  1. Hi Ann, I love your blog. I am a nursery class(3 & 4 year olds) in N. Ireland. We go outside everyday & try to go to the local woodland classroom once a month. I would love to have an outdoor preschool like yours. looking forward to following your blog

  2. so glad you found us! Would love to hear about what you do in the woodlands with your kids too!

  3. Hi Ann, I love your blog too! I am so interested in outdoor preschools and a big advocate for outdoor and nature play. What an amazing job you are doing, and what a wonderful foundation you are laying for these children.